Pre-School – 8th Grade

Fine Art Classes

The Muse Art Classes are structured based on age appropriate art topics in a small group setting. Each studio class (based on grade level) focuses on introducing and/or developing technical skill, knowledge of working with different artist mediums, understanding artistic interpretation and expression and of course creating unique quality works of art!!!

The core classes include:

The ‘Fun’damentals of Art

Your Little Muse will receive a basic introduction to the ‘Fun’damentals of art such as colorlineshapeformbalance & rhythm as it pertains to drawing and painting. Your future artist will experiment with using pencilcolored pencilchalkoil pastelwatercolor & tempera paints to create original and unique works of art!

Grades: Pre-School – 1st Grade

Intro To Studio Art

Intro to Studio Art allows your Little Muse to explore drawing, painting, collage, mixed media, found object art, 3D art & much more! Your Little Muse will receive a basic introduction to the fundamentals of the elements and principles of art such as colorlineshape and form.

Grades: 2nd Grade  – 6th Grade

TLM Studio Art

Walk right over from Markham to The Muse! Designed for the middle school aged Muse, TLM Studio Art class has something for everyone! Ideal for beginners to intermediate young artists looking to hone their skills, speak their mind & maybe just create something cool!

Grades:  5th Grade – 6th Grade

Other specialized sessions include:

  • The Muse Mixed Media
  • Comics & Cartoons
  • 2D & 3D Art
  • Freestyle Painting

Private Group Events

The Muse Enlighten & Envision Art Studio also offers private group events including:

  • Pop-Up Paint Parties
  • Pop Up Art Class
  • Birthday Parties
Children Private Group Events