About The Muse Art Studio

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About Liz Evanko Buchanan

Liz Evanko Buchanan HeadshotBorn and raised in New Jersey I am a proud New Jerseyite! My love of art comes from the freedom and opportunity that Art offers as an outlet to express an individual or group feeling whether it be from a personal perspective or commentary on society… I believe Art is in the eye of the beholder. My Mantra of The Muse, “Enlighten & Envision” means to “Open someone’s Eyes… Imagine the Possibilities..” Art is a window into the heart and soul of one or many.

As a child, I was a future Artist in the making! Every stage of life for me was a creative one… whether it was coloring and “doodling” as a child at my beloved Art Desk, experimenting with explosive eyeshadow as a teenager, or researching the history of art and impact both women and men artists had on society and the “social norm” as an undergraduate, I was always drawn to Art and in Awe of the ability and power it held as an outlet of expression.

Liz Evanko Buchanan holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (BFA) excelling in all areas of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture with a concentration in Studio Art from WestChester University and a double minor in Womens’ Studies and Art History as well as a certification in Art Education from the College of New Jersey (grades K-12) and is Advanced Placement (AP) College Board Certified.

I’ve spent the last eighteen years working as an Artist and Educator in Fine Art. Her formal training as an Artist led her to creating traditional works of art such as printmaking and oil painting, however over the years she has expanded her intrinsic skill and love of 2-D and 3-D Art into creating original pieces customized to meet the needs and artistic desires of her clients in both a residential and corporate market including home and event décor, murals and other one of a kind unique creations. Most recently, she prefers to create in the form of mixed media inspired by her inherent desire to achieve “Balance” while exhibiting daily “Duality” as a mother, wife, and female entrepreneur and Artist. Ever fueled by the instance of opposition and boundless variety and possibilities in which “ART” can be derived from by incorporating both two-dimensional and three-dimensional aspects into her work.  Evanko currently lives and works at her Studio in Little Silver, NJ and is the Proprietary Artist, Instructor and Owner of The Muse, Enlighten and Envision Art Studio.