Open Someone’s Eyes…Imagine the Possibility


Little Muse Art Classes logo

Ages 4 – 12
Your Little Muse will receive an art inspired, entertaining introduction to the “FUN”damentals of Art! Color, line, shape, form, balance, rhythm and texture will all be involved when it comes to creating our unique and original drawings, paintings and sculptural works of art in all different artist mediums using all different kinds of art materials!

Build self confidence and highlight your future artists unique personality!

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Teen Scene Art Classes logo

Ages 13 – 18
Your Teens will explore the “Art Scene” as it pertains to drawing, painting and sculpture. Utilizing any and all 2-D and 3-D artist mediums to ignite their inner voice and sense of self-expression! Building and developing technical skill and techniques will be addressed in each sense while encouraging self-exploration and expression through the form of art in a successful and powerful way that lets them shine! Art appreciation and skillful critique will also be infused to inspire each artist to speak and share about their creations (self-reflection) as well as to speak and share constructive criticism to their peers and fellow artists!

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Mature Muse Art Classes logo

Ages 18+
Unleash your inner artist
…and jump head first into the art world! Looking to unwind and unveil your creative side!?! The Mature Muse offers our artists the opportunity to get creative in all mediums and facets of fine art. Both 2-Dimensional art forms such as drawing and painting as well as 3-dimensional art forms of sculpture and textiles can be created! The Muse will act as a sounding board to guide you down the right path to convey your personal aesthetic and artistically expressive point of view!

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